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Database Policy

1. The NSEuroNet database is maintained and provided for public use and completely free of charge for all users.

2. When publishing data contained in this database, appropriate acknowledgement is given by citing the database the following way: “The mutation and/or phenotypic data were obtained from the NSEuroNet database web site, www.nseuronet.com . After initial publication the paper citation will be given here.

3. This database has not yet been published in the literature. The data has been made available online with the understanding that the initial presentation as well as the first large-scale analysis will be published by us. Any redistribution of the data should carry this notice.

4. This database is the intellectual property of the University Hospital Magdeburg, Institute of Human Genetics. Details are available in the Disclaimer.

5. Updates and corrections of errors on previously entered patients are welcome. Complete cases can also be erased.

6. Currently not all data collected is presented in the output. Only an overview is given of the most common symptoms, but also rare complications. In the future, analysis of complete datasets will be possible for all submitters, both on their own cases as well as the general cohort.

7. It is the duty of the submitter to have obtained appropriate consent from the patient or guardian. Further information on this can be found in the Patient Consent section.

8. Quality and accuracy of the record are the responsibility of the submitter. Reviewers will check all entries to ensure correct spelling and uniform terms for all free text entries, but cannot guarantee that the information is correct. It has to be noted in particular that incidence figures suggested in the database may not represent true incidence due to small cohort size or reporting bias. Only the submitters know the identity of their patients.

9. Data in this database may be shared with LOVD and other databases.

10. We do not collect data that would allow identification of a patient. We also do not share any information about our submitters with third parties.

Please also read our General Information and the recommendations about Patient Consent. Information on how to contact the curator can be found in the Impressum / Legal Information contact sections.